SPECT Imaging

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SPECT MPI continues to be a staple for all Cardiology practices. The MIS turnkey solution provides several business models that are designed to fit the needs of your practice. With over 65 years of Clinical, Managerial, and Business Development experience the MIS team can support all aspects of your practice. Our Operational focus is to increase revenue potential by improving patient care, improving department efficiencies and maintaining a safe & compliant environment.

Molecular Imaging Services, Inc. continues to put in place a network that gives all of our Partners' access to a large knowledge base in the ever changing areas of Corporate Compliance, Regulatory, Political and Economic factors that affect our practices and the Molecular Imaging Community.

All MIS programs can include the following:

Securing & Financing of Equipment

Site Planning & Build-out

Payment of Service Contracts

Securing PET & SPECT Isotopes

Accreditation Support

Reimbursement Assistance

Clinical Support – Staffing / Procedures / Protocols

Reporting Software for PET & SPECT

Health Physics


Strong Foundation = Competitive Advantage


"Using MIS saves us several thousand dollars a month and a lot of headaches. I am extremely happy with the relationship we have established with MIS!"

- Paul Weigel, Florida