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Molecular Imaging Services, Inc.

MIS Team

Molecular Imaging Services, Incorporated (MIS) is a privately held company with headquarters in Newark, Delaware. We Specialize in Cardiac PET and SPECT In-Office Cardiology Imaging Solutions. Our Comprehensive Support approach has redefined the turnkey model with unparalleled Clinical, Operational and Reimbursement resources and solutions. With the support of our Medical Advisor Gary Heller, MD, we have solidified the physician education and Quality Assurance to support your transition to a 1st Class PET Program.

Gary V. Heller, MD/PhD, Medical Advisor

MIS Team

Dr. Heller has more than 30 years of experience in clinical cardiology and nuclear cardiology. He established the first PET program in Connecticut that focused on cardiac perfusion, myocardial viability assessment and cardiac sarcoid. He is a former program director of the Cardiovascular Fellowship Program at Hartford Hospital/University of Connecticut School of Medicine. Dr. Heller is past-president of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology and has been a member of the Editorial Boards of several journals including American Journal of Cardiology, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, and the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology. He is also past-president of the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC), as well as past-president of the IAC-Nuclear-PET Division. Dr. Heller has authored over 175 peer-reviewed manuscripts, he is also Co-editor of Nuclear Cardiology Practical Applications (2nd Edition, McGraw Hill), Nuclear Cardiology: Technical Applications (McGraw Hill), and the Handbook of Nuclear Cardiology: Cardiac SPECT and PET (Springer).

Frank DiGregorio, President & CEO

MIS Team

Frank is a 28-year veteran in the field of diagnostic imaging and cardiology. He attended the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins Nuclear Medicine program in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2001, Frank founded Molecular Imaging Services. He is currently the President and CEO. He has significant experience in establishing and managing the daily operations of diagnostic imaging centers. To date, he has opened dozens of centers nationwide. His publications include "A physicians Guide to Cardiac Testing, Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound Procedures" and "Laboratory and Diagnostic test with Nursing Implications”.

         “The field of Molecular Imaging is growing rapidly and the future is promising. There have been significant advances in Cardiology and Neurology. Several new imaging agents are in the pipeline. MIS has assembled a team of industry experts that is unmatched. Our team is nationally recognized as the most experienced professionals in Cardiac PET. This experience and dedication to the field of Molecular Imaging will ensure the highest quality service to our clients and their patients. MIS is setting itself apart from other imaging companies and is redefining the meaning of turnkey solutions.”

Sue Miller, COO

MIS Team

Sue has over twenty years of experience in nuclear medicine including fifteen years in cardiology services. She is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins Nuclear Medicine Program and has held positions with increasing responsibilities. Just prior to joining Molecular Imaging Services, Inc. (MIS), Sue served as the Chief Operating Officer of a twelve-physician cardiology practice.

      “My past experience affords me an understanding of the challenges physicians and administrators face daily. MIS partners with physicians and administrators in the development of operational and billing programs, providing comprehensive education, key analytics and un-matched support for all new services. Our commitment to excellence has lead organizations to increase efficiency and improve the delivery of care while enhancing reimbursement and physician satisfaction.”

Mark H. Wilson, Executive VP, Sales & Business Development

MIS Team

As Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Mark is responsible for the Sales and Marketing for the MIS organization. Mark is an innovative entrepreneur with over 25 years of Executive level sales and Sales Management experience in the areas of radiopharmaceuticals, capital equipment, advanced imaging, device, implantables, neuromodulation and consumables.

Mark established his career as a start-up and early stage growth implementation veteran and along the way supported several companies with mergers/acquisitions and integration. In 1998 Mark was part of an aggressive entrepreneurial group at Eastern Isotopes, Inc. with the goal of expanding the practice of Nuclear Medicine by focusing on Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Eastern Isotopes was able to establish a national network of manufacturing and distribution facilities to provide reliable, cost effective F-18 FDG to fuel the growth for Oncology PET imaging. As VP of Sales, Mark and his team established themselves as leaders in the industry while also supporting the effort in 2003 to sell and transition Eastern Isotopes, Inc. to IBA, a Belgium based Life Science Company.

"In today’s ever changing healthcare environment and the day to day operational challenges, practices have had to learn to manage more with fewer resources. Adding a new modality like Cardiac PET can seem like a daunting task but what we have learned from our customers is the importance of offering support at all levels of the practice to effectively and efficiently transition into a successful program. Our ongoing Comprehensive Support approach allows our partners the confidence to utilize our expertise and resources to support the present and future of their practice."

Sunil R. Selvin, VP, Operations and Clinical Education

MIS Team

Sunil R. Selvin is a results-oriented healthcare executive with extensive expertise in Operations Management and Clinical Education. Sunil is a Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist with over 15 years of experience in Nuclear Medicine, including Nuclear Cardiology, Oncologic PET, PET/CT and Cardiac PET and PET/CT. Currently Sunil serves as the Vice President of Operations and Clinical Education at Molecular Imaging Services Inc., where he manages the day-to-day operations of the MIS imaging centers and is responsible for planning and directing clinical education activities to create value for MIS staff and physicians. Prior to Joining MIS Sunil worked for Eastern Isotopes, Inc., and later IBA Molecular North America. During his tenure, Sunil was instrumental in developing and delivering innovative programs including “Daily Use Rubidium”. Sunil was directly responsible in implementing the daily use Rubidium service out of multiple IBA pharmacies. Sunil has extensive experience starting and adding Cardiac PET service in both hospital and outpatient settings and has helped start up over 50 sites, including Memorial Sloan Kettering, Johns Hopkins Medstar Washington Hospital Center to name a few.

         “The field of Molecular imaging is growing and changing rapidly and with the Society of Nuclear Medicine recently rebranding to include Molecular in their name, the molecular industry is investing money and resources to drive the molecular field forward. New beta amyloid PET tracers that have received FDA clearance point to signs of growth in our industry and along with recent developments in the field of cardiac imaging, point to some exciting and promising time for all of those involved. MIS is poised to be a part of this exciting growth”.